We are doing more for the cause of entrepreneurship than we have put in words here for we wish to have you know what we are doing by the result of all that we are doing, not by words alone.

We are a culture of liberal minds trying to do our thing in harmony with another. Let’s just say, Preseed, as an organization, is designed such that we find harmony in each other by way of who we are anyway. Preseed brings the extraordinary minds and hence, the extraordinary creativity and hustle to the table on anything it touches upon.

Why the standard question of traction may not be the most appropriate question for a moonshot innovation in its nascent stage when founders are seeking support from investors to continue their R&D towards launch?

For now, let's turn the lens on another kind of traction- which we have already created- meaningful moments and activities noticed by users, media and the tech community.

I often wonder if my life would be the same inspired life if I was chasing traction instead of a chasing a world changing vision which did not fit the bill for the rule of - build MVP - followed by traction, before I could raise money. Please tell me how I would then change the world for the better?

Start-up land is littered with failure.

Every hack on smart investing will preach that before approaching an investor you must have dragged your feet over the thorns littered over that holiest of grails- TRACTION. For after all what good is a business that does not yield profits? Yet, if that critical question on TRACTION is duly asked and answered before any investment, why the high rates of failure and a subsequent celebration of failure as the norm in start-up land? Could it be that the holy grail itself is flawed in a period where most of our problems have been solved or are perceived to have been solved to an acceptable degree beyond which improvements are not possible in a human, hence imperfect world?

I say YES.

Most start-ups offer incremental changes, but what if you had a moon- shot innovation for a problem the world has ceased to consider as one. Or a problem considered solved?

Moonshots, by their very definition, need to be hurtled until something big is identified. The innovation after that identification might take time, in some cases, a very long time. (Would you not say that the problem you are addressing is a blind spot- that the best in chatting-productivity has been achieved and that is just the start of the moon shot you must make to disrupt existing models of education?)

Read step 4 on

Imagine, if you were the only person with the vision that there was scope for yet another chat app for people who were looking to be productive over chats and the rest of the world did not agree with you.

Imagine if you did not know how to code, nor did you have the time to learn how to code. No big deal there. Watch what Sam Altman has to say about this:

Yes, you can’t code, don’t have the time to learn so you hire the best to code for you. It must not surprise you that great people come at a cost. Those great people may have had a life of their own before they met a vision that I imparted to them and wished to be consumed by it but for the mundane but real considerations of everyday living.

More so, one requires neat sums of money for the world will not accept a MVP that challenges its collective blind spot.

So, my challenge is to manifest a never-before vision into a finger-licking good looking product that elicits a collective gasp of “why did we not see that earlier”, from the world.

(To those who repeat the trite Form Follows Function rule, let me quote just one example- Snapchat, that turned that norm on its head. It was a beautiful but tedious product to begin with. It bettered itself over time)

Money, of course- now.

Traction, not just yet.

So, let's let Preseed run in the nomadic boundless 'hippie, no excel sheet, no slide deck, no running after investors, no giving or taking unnecessary repetitive gyan. Let Preseed speak to partners and other vested interests after you, only through substantial results weighed only in millions of clear dollars and millions of users of our products. Until we reach there, we need your understanding.

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